Welcome to the Computational Neuroimaging Laboratory

We are a dynamic research group at the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre in the School of Medicine, University of Nottingham. Our aim is to develop imaging technology and image processing platforms for exploring and understanding the brain from a systems perspective.



To this end, we develop algorithmic frameworks for analysing neuroimaging data and specifically for mapping brain connections and tissue microstructure. We exploit the power of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and in particular diffusion and functional MRI, to provide principled platforms for probing the brain organisation and untangling its complexity in health and disease (see Research).

We are located at the University of Nottingham, the birthplace of MRI. We have a number of national and international collaborations and very strong links with the Analysis group at the WIN Centre, University of Oxford.

We are grateful for funding from the European Research Council, the Wellcome Trust, the UKRI and the University of Nottingham/Precision Imaging Beacon.




3. January 2021

New paper with Michiel Cottaar and Saad Jbabdi from Oxford on modelling the superficial white matter!

9. December 2020

Stam receives a 5-year Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council on his Neuro-Metrology Programme to develop new technologies for personalised brain connectivity mapping!

22. October 2020

Pleased to have conributed to a primer on Quantum Computing and its interface with Neuroimage Analysis that has just been accepted for publication in Nature Methods!

26. August 2020

Check our new preprint on brain-behaviour association studies in collaboration with the Murray and Anticevic labs at Yale!

10. August 2020

New paper on data-driven mapping of brain connections accepted for publication in Neuroimage!

28. July 2020

New preprint on modeling superficial white matter for brain connectivity estimation!

17. June 2020

Meet us at the 2020 OHBM virtual meeting next week! We will be at abstracts #1050, 1151, #1207, #2035.

05. May 2020

New paper on cross-species tractography accepted for publication in Neuroimage!

09. March 2020

Read our new preprint on data-driven mapping of structural connections!

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