20. November 2022
Towards demistifying multimorbidity: New paper on exploring the associations between brain phenotypes and genetic risk for lung fibrosis!

19. October 2022
New paper on using white matter tracts to concurrently map brain ontogeny and phylogeny on a common connectivity space!

10. May 2022
Congratulations to Jose Manzano Patron for receiving the Best Newbie Oral Presentation award from the diffusion MRI study group for his ISMRM 2022 presentation on dMRI denoising!

9. May 2022
Congratulations to Shaun Warrington and Jose Manzano Patron for receiving Summa cum laude and Magna cum laud Merit Awards for their ISMRM 2022 presentations!

16. November 2021
Stam is listed in the 2021 Clarivate Highly Cited Researchers (top 0.1%) for Neuroscience & Behaviour!

8. September 2021
HCP…10 years later. A retrospective piece just published!

9. August 2021
We are hiring! More posts to follow towards the end of the year!

23. April 2021
Congratulations to Shaun Warrington for defending his PhD thesis!

4. March 2021
Congratulations to Ellie Thompson for defending her PhD thesis!

3. January 2021
New paper with Michiel Cottaar and Saad Jbabdi from Oxford on modelling the superficial white matter!

9. December 2020
Stam receives a 5-year Consolidator Award from the European Research Council on his Neuro-Metrology Programme to develop new technologies for personalised brain connectivity mapping!

22. October 2020
Pleased to have conributed to a primer on Quantum Computing and its interface with Neuroimage Analysis that has just been accepted for publication in Nature Methods!

26. August 2020
Check our new preprint on brain-behaviour association studies in collaboration with the Murray and Anticevic labs at Yale!

10. August 2020
New paper on data-driven mapping of brain connections accepted for publication in Neuroimage!

28. July 2020
New preprint on modeling superficial white matter for brain connectivity estimation!

17. June 2020
Meet us at the 2020 OHBM virtual meeting next week! We will be at abstracts #1050, 1151, #1207, #2035.

05. May 2020
New paper on cross-species tractography accepted for publication in Neuroimage!

09. March 2020
Read our new preprint on data-driven mapping of structural connections!

15. November 2019
Stam gives an invited talk at the 2019 Minnesota Workshop on High and Ultra-high Field Imaging

29. September 2019
Our new tool for automated human and macaque brain tractography (XTRACT) is available in the latest FSL public release (6.0.1)!