We have access to a number of facilities that allow high performance computing and human MRI scanning.

High Performance Computing

We have a number of high performance interactive servers.

These include:

  • A 80-core, 0.5 TB RAM and 4x NVIDIA Tesla K80 GP-GPUs
  • A 80-core, 0.5 TB RAM and 2x NVIDIA Pascal P100 GP-GPUs

We also have access to the Precision Imaging Beacon HPC cluster, which collectively comprises of:

  • 14 Compute nodes
  • 600 CPU cores
  • 10 high-end NVIDIA GP-GPUs (6 Volta V100, 4 Pascal P100)
  • 7 TB of memory
  • 250 TB of storage


MRI Scanning

We benefit from access to cutting-edge human MRI scanners of the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre.

These include:

  • 0.5 Tesla Paramed Upright Scanner
  • 1.5 Tesla GE HDxt Scanner
  • 3 Tesla Philips Achieva Scanner with 80 mT/m gradients
  • 3 Tesla Philips Ingenia wide-bore Scanner with 40 mT/m gradients
  • 3 Tesla GE MR750 Scanner with 50 mT/m gradients
  • 7 Tesla Philips Achieva Scanner

Full details can be found here.